Elevate Your Business with Hybrid Flooring: The Perfect Balance of Style and Durability

What is hybrid flooring?

Hybrid flooring is a unique combination of the best features of laminate, vinyl, and hardwood flooring. It is crafted with a hybrid core that provides exceptional durability and dimensional stability, while its top layer closely mimics the appearance of natural timber.

Key features and benefits of hybrid flooring include its durability, water resistant surface, low maintenance. These attributes make hybrid flooring a practical option for spaces seeking a long-lasting and visually appealing flooring solution.

Is Hybrid flooring a suitable option for commercial spaces?

Armstrong's Hybrid flooring ranges are commercial rated, meaning they can be used in a range of commercial environments that endure heavy foot traffic. The waterproof surface of a hybrid flooring makes it suitable for hospitality spaces where spills are inevitable - this also makes the clean up much easier! 

In office spaces where hard wearing floors are paramount, Armstrong's hybrid flooring ranges stand up to scratches and dents with superior CeraShield (tm) Technology.  

This ensures heavy furniture, stiletto heels, or dropped objects don't damage your floors.

Choosing the best hybrid for your space:

When selecting hybrid flooring for your space, consider how your floors are used and what they are exposed to on a regular basis - whether this be heavy foot traffic, heavy moving furniture, liquid spills and stains, even pets or children.

If you're looking to install hybrid flooring in your office space, opt for a thicker wear layer and dent resistant technology to ensure you get the most wear our of your floors. Consider office chairs rolling back and forth on your floors daily, and the effect this might have on your floors over time. 

Similarly, if your office space is located in a multi-level building you may wish to consider acoustic backing benefits and explore the best acoustic option for your needs.

Hybrid flooring offers a range of benefits tailored to many commercial spaces, including hospitality, retail, multi-residential, and office spaces. It's important to understand the features your space demands, in order to discover the best hybrid flooring fit. 

Create a welcoming, modern space with any of Armstrong's hybrid ranges.
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