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Our Commitment

Armstrong Flooring are proud to be a local Australian manufacturer and are committed to continually developing new means of sustainability into everyday practices. Our focus is on delivering high quality flooring that produces the lowest possible impact on the environment. This is achieved through local production and sourcing local materials where possible, working alongside likeminded Australian businesses, and holding our products to the highest level of industry standards and accreditations.

Local production allows us to meet the demands of high-end commercial projects with shorter lead times, while also caring for our planet and reducing unnecessary carbon emissions in the process.

Our dedicated technical and sustainability management team are committed to improving sustainable activities, and continue to lead the industry in understanding and managing waste output in the resilient flooring industry. As an Australian manufacturer, we're able to recycle and reuse product offcuts from commercial industry projects, big and small! Post-installation material can simply be returned to our site for reprocessing.*

Armstrong have been manufacturing in Australia since 1969, and we are proud to continue to invest in Australian manufacturing and support likeminded businesses in shaping a circular future for resilient flooring. Sustainability is an integral part of our story, and our vision for the future.



Sustainable Practices

Sustainability to us means meeting the needs of our planet, our people, and our customers. As Australia's only manufacturer in commercial vinyl sheet flooring, Armstrong holds a great responsibility for product compliancy, especially when referring to human health and wellbeing. Our pillars of sustainability consider social, environmental, and economic wellbeing and allow us to measure the success of our daily practices.

We use the principles of product stewardship to develop product that are fundamentally safe and sustainable throughout their lifecycle. It is important that our products comply with safe and sustainable practices and contribute to the overall sustainability of the planet. We are committed to healthier living spaces with low VOC and phthalate free flooring, Greentag and Best Practice Environmental PVC certified.

*Reprocessing is determined by the products level of contamination and must meet particular requirements before being recycled. Customers and installers are responsible for arranging the retrieval of end of life product to be recycled. Contact customer service for any recycling and product related enquiries.

Corporate Sustainability Policy

Armstrong Flooring Product Stewardship

Floor Score Certificate

Best Environmental Practice PVC