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At Armstrong Flooring we strive to provide our customers with high-quality products. We understand that the colour representation of products is crucial, and we want to be transparent about the possibility of colour variations.

Our products are designed and manufactured to replicate natural timbers and stones as we would see them in nature. For this reason, products in Table A will display a strong variation of colour from plank to plank or tile to tile. This is paying homage to the natural product we set to replicate.

Samples (e.g. boards, swatches, planks), may only contain a limited mix of product patterns/designs. Armstrong Flooring™ recommends viewing several types of samples to grasp a more accurate representation of the product pattern repeat, as well as reference to the full swatch image pattern repeat available on the website.

To ensure a good mix/blend of colour and design, tiles/planks should be taken from a minimum of three boxes and shuffled prior to hybrid installation or luxury vinyl installation. Dry laying and review of LVT/P and Hybrid products is recommended prior to final application to ensure a balanced distribution.

Further product colour variation between items of products and between products and samples/digital reproduction may be observed due to the following factors:

Digital Variation
The colour accuracy of digital displays, including computer monitors, smartphones, and tablets, can vary significantly. The way colours appear on your screen may be influenced by your device’s settings, screen resolution, and lighting conditions. Therefore, the actual colour of the product may differ from what you see on your screen.

Lighting Variation
The lighting conditions in which a product is viewed can also impact its perceived colour. Different lighting sources, such as natural daylight, incandescent, fluorescent, or LED lighting, can create variations in how a colour appears. We recommend examining the product under various lighting conditions, preferably in its proposed installation location, to get a better sense of its true colour.

Production Batch Variation
For products that involve dyeing or manufacturing processes, there may be variations between different production batches and films. These variations can lead to slight differences in colour.

While we make every effort to ensure that the colours displayed in our samples and on our website are as accurate as possible, these range of factors will give rise to colour discrepancies. We encourage you to reach out to our customer support team if you have any questions or concerns about the colour of a specific product before making a purchase.

Download the Product Colour Variation Factsheet


Table A

Armstrong Flooring product colour variation SKUs


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