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 The dining room is a space where family and friends come together to enjoy a meal and each other’s company. But often it’s also a room in the home where food or crumbs can end up on the floor. Thankfully our dining room flooring collection will stand up to the test. 

We offer dining room flooring options like luxury vinyl and hybrid floors that are low maintenance and easy to clean so spills and mess are not a problem. Whether you’re entertaining your loved ones, or simply enjoy a nightly meal around the dinner table, having durable flooring can make all the difference to your space.

Get inspired with dining room flooring ideas

Discover Armstrong Flooring’s collections and find the best dining room flooring for you and your lifestyle. All our dining room floors are designed to be hard-wearing and easy to clean - making them an ideal family-friendly choice. 

Explore luxury vinyl and hybrid flooring options from Chesterfield 2.0, Kingswood 1.2 and Kingswood Australis. Coming in a range of colours and tones, there’s a design to suit your space. Our Kingswood 1.2 and Kingswood Australis also have an Acoustic Rating 6 Star. 

Browse the collections online or use our room visualiser tool to see the flooring in your space. 

Dining Room Flooring FAQ

Which kind of flooring is best for the dining room?

When it comes to flooring for the dining room, look for options that are both durable and stylish like luxury vinyl and hybrid flooring. Known for their toughness and scratch resistant properties, these flooring types come in a variety of styles while being easy to maintain. 

Should a kitchen and dining room have the same flooring?

When it comes to deciding whether the kitchen or dining room should have the same flooring, it comes down to your personal choice. Some kitchen floor trends incorporate stone-look or terrazzo flooring. Dining room flooring trends, on the other hand, often include wood-look flooring in a range of different colours. 

How do I protect my floors from dining chairs?

When it comes to protecting your floors from dining chairs and other pieces of furniture, choose a flooring that is durable and will resist scratches. Our luxury vinyl and hybrid flooring are great for everyday use. You can also use protective pads like felt furniture pads to the bottom of your chairs for extra protection. 

Room Visualiser

Take the guesswork out of choosing your new floor. Our room visualiser is designed to help you visualise our floors in your home.