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Traditional interiors exude warmth and comfort with an overflow of sophistication. All-white is not necessary so you can experiment with colour by selecting one primary hue along with two or three accent tones to add visual interest.

Dark hardwood traditional style flooring oozes luxury in traditional homes yet creates an inviting space while balances out natural materials and organic colour tones. Havana Oak in Chesterfield 2.0 is a good mid-tone colour, while Cocoa Oak in the Chesterfield 4.5 provides a darker contrast tone.

More is more when it comes to decorating so think layers of patterns and texture with traditional pieces that are ornate and curvy. Huge chandeliers, high decorated wall light fixture and sculptural table lamps will create a statement to a room. Symmetry is a key element so furniture and accessorising should be thought out to create balance and calmness.