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The concept behind minimalist is a less is more theory. This is also true for colour and while this doesn’t mean everything has to be white or beige, keeping the palette simple with an accent colour will avoid visual clutter.

Hardwood minimalist style flooring in lighter tones with minimal grains and knots adds warmth and a natural touch to any home so colours such as Fortuna Oak in our Chesterfield 2.0 collection or Linen Gum in the Kingswood Australis collection will look great. For a more modern minimalist look, concrete minimalist style flooring is ideal to achieve this aesthetic so Concrete in our Natural Creations EarthCuts is perfect.

Instead of sharp edges, furniture with curves incorporates an effortless organic flair. Connecting functionality with style is still important so a stunning light fixture above a simplistic dining table setting works well. Storage solutions are ideal to eliminate mess and keep a space clean but if you are worried the interior might be too boring, try mixing textures for visual interest and movement while still keeping the home minimalistic.