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A good home office or study space should be an environment where you feel comfortable and productive. Make your space your own with flooring options to create a comfortable and inviting home office or study room. 

Luxury vinyl flooring and hybrid flooring is a great solution to create a functional and stylish space. Unlike carpet or real timber, chairs glide much easier over the study room flooring with a lower risk of damage due to their scratch-resistant properties. With a range of authentic-look timber, stone and concrete designs for flooring for a home office or study, there is a style to suit any interior.

Find a study flooring for your space

Explore a range of different styles and study and home office flooring designs with Armstrong Flooring. Whether you prefer the modern and classic timber designs of our Chesterfield 2.0 collection, or contemporary oaks from our Kingswood 1.2, we have a design to suit your needs. 

Unlike carpet, which can wear over time and from furniture use, our luxury vinyl and hybrid flooring for a study or home office are durable. Our designs are also easy to maintain and clean. Plus, with scratch-resistant properties, they’re suitable for households with children and pets. 

Click our room visualiser tool below to see how the flooring would look in your space, or explore the collections online. 

Study Room Flooring FAQ

What is the best flooring for a study room?

The best flooring for a study room is one that's durable and scratch-resistant against the scraping of office chairs and furniture like a desk. Luxury vinyl flooring and hybrid flooring are two great options, suitable for both a home office and study space. Plus, they come in a wide range of designs and colours to complement your space.

What colour flooring is the best for a home office?

When it comes to choosing the colour flooring for a home office, consider your own design tastes. Do you want your office to complement the rest of your home? Do you prefer warmer tones or the light and airy feeling of lighter shades? You may also want to consider the traffic in the space. Lighter tones can hide dirt and dust better than darker floors. 

Is vinyl a good floor for a study?

Luxury vinyl is a great flooring choice for a study or home office. Not only do these floors come in a range of designs, they are  also durable and easy to maintain to hold up against foot traffic, office chairs and furniture. 

Room Visualiser

Take the guesswork out of choosing your new floor. Our room visualiser is designed to help you visualise our floors in your home.