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A modern interior can make your home feel fresh, current and stylish and embraces home concepts that enhance well-being and comfort. Modern design is shifting more towards pastel and subdued shades such as lavender, sea blue and muted greens to provide a calming and tranquil space.

Timber look modern flooring in pale to mid tone brown colouring is perfect for a modern interior. Hardwood flooring is a classic finish that won’t go out of style and will complement your furnishings. We have so many options of modern style flooring including Grand Oak or Java Oak in Chesterfield 2.0, Warm Oak in Kingwood 1.2, or Pils Oak in Kingswood Select Oak flooring collections.

Curves are in from furniture to detailing of the home design, such as walls, niches, arches and fixtures which creates a sense of comfort yet interest. Vintage lighting is making a comeback including oversized curved floor lamps, shapely chandeliers and statement wall fixtures which adds personality, while plants and greenery throughout connects to nature for an organic uplifting feel.