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Hamptons is a popular style thanks to its coastal inspired colour scheme and the luxurious holiday feel. Generously sized furniture, delicate motifs and luxe aesthetics featuring warm greys, light browns, cool blues and whites create a subtle yet elegant scheme.

If you’re looking for the best Hamptons style flooring, light wood floors complement Hamptons interiors best and work well paired with woven linens, modern rattan and refined stone pieces. Silver Oak in the Chesterfield 4.5 range, Stirling Oak as seen in Chesterfield 2.0 or Chardonnay Oak as part of the Kingswood 1.5 range are perfect.

Bright and roomy is also a characteristic, so natural light along with soft lighting design fixtures that are not only practical but also ornamental is ideal. Adding plants will set the scene and the bigger the better. Opt for a few statement plants rather than adding too many plants randomly. Indoor plants can serve to improve the air quality while also providing a lush look.