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Scandi focuses on simplicity, minimalism and functionality ensuring spaces are well used and limiting clutter. Whites, greys, black and browns are frequently used creating a clean and calming look. Pops of colours such as dusty pinks and rich sea greens can be used for added accents while walls are kept white to allow furniture and art to stand out.

Scandi style flooring is traditionally hardwood in its natural state or can often be painted white or have a whitewash effect for a spacious atmosphere that invites more light. Fortuna Oak or Stirling Oak in our Chesterfield 2.0 collection, along with Silver Oak or Chardonnay Oak in the Kingswood 1.5 range meet the Scandi flooring criteria.

Wood is also used throughout furniture items such as dining and coffee tables with highlights of metallic, copper and brass pieces to add shine to a room. Clean lines along with smooth and round edges are best when looking for sofas and chairs. Living elements are important so think fresh flowers which add both colour and beauty. Last but not least, decorative items including ceramic cases, artwork and cushions featuring geometric patterns bring subtle texture to the home.