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Environmental Certifications

Many of our floorcoverings have been independently audited and certified by third parties including Global GreenTag, Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) and New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC). Assessments of our products are based on a life cycle approach and measure the impact of our products, empowering professionals and consumers alike to confidently choose products that are environmentally preferred.

*Refer to product pages for all relevant product certifications.

Floor Score Certificate

Best Environmental Practice PVC

Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) Claims Authentication Licence

PVC Recycling in Hospitals Program

Plastics can account for around a third of hospital general waste, with PVC medical products, such as face masks, oxygen tubes and intravenous bags, attributing to approximately a quarter of this.¹

Initiated in Australia by the Vinyl Council, the PVC Recycling in Hospitals program collects used PVC medical products for recycling safely into new products. The program is operating in over 280 hospitals and healthcare facilities in Australia and New Zealand.²

As Australia’s only sheet vinyl manufacturer, Armstrong Flooring is able to use the recycled plastic face masks in its Australian made products, reducing this waste going to landfill. The plastic face masks are pulverised into a fine powder and put into the production of our Accolade, Natralis and Australis homogeneous flooring collections.

Each tonne of recycled PVC replaces around one tonne of virgin PVC compound in new products, consuming 80% less energy and reducing carbon emissions.² Twenty-five tonnes of the fine powder is collected each year, reducing the equivalent amount of virgin PVC material that goes into approximately one million square metres of our flooring products.

¹ Department of Health. PVC Recycling in Hospitals.

² Vinyl Council Australia. PVC Recycling in Hospitals.