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Rustic interior design has a cozy feeling with a connection to the outdoors. Colour palette includes greens, browns, grey and Autumn colours which represent nature such as dark green leaves, a warm orange sunset or earthy brown mud.

Hardwood rustic flooring either naturally or intentionally distressed or aged creates a natural, worn and vintage look. Designs with textured knots, cracks and other natural imperfections will give your floor unique character. Barnyard Grey in the Natural Creations XL range and Silky Gum or Blackbutt Traditional in the Kingswood Australis range are good options for rustic style flooring.

Natural materials often feature heavily providing a touch of tradition and a casual aesthetic. Wood, fabrics, linen, wool, leather and canvas blend nicely across various furniture pieces and décor items whether it’s a couch, rug, cushion, or bedding.