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Eclectic is carefully curating pieces for a culture rich interior while achieving a good balance of layered and collected rather than busy and distracting. Choose a neutral palette along with a few select accent colours will create a harmonious space and avoid it looking erratic.

A popular eclectic flooring choice is reclaimed wood as it adds character and warmth to a room and also helps with contrast. Oaks, Chestnuts and Pines come to mind so check out Wormy Chestnut or Euro Oak in the Kingswood Australis collection.

Contrast is a key element to eclectic styling which can be done using different textures so think marble, wood or steel against fluffy throws and woven rugs. A perfect blend of old and new items will deliver a worldly vibe. Patterned rugs and scatter cushions subtly introduce different design layers while geometric shapes and polka dots can create an intriguing aesthetic. When it comes to artwork, a gallery wall will allow you to get creative and let your imagination run wild.

Room Visualiser

Take the guesswork out of choosing your new floor. Our room visualiser is designed to help you visualise our floors in your home.