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Infinity Customised Flooring & Walling

When we think about commercial architecture, we think of design that is a delicate fusion of art, creativity, and practical precision. Form and function must complement aesthetics, whilst balancing client and project requirements. Whilst most might look at the walls, lighting, blending of interior and exterior spaces and overall ‘flow’ to carry the lion’s share of ‘good’ or even ‘great’ design, a large but often forgotten part of the equation is the flooring. 

As a major surface within every commercial project, flooring is more than just a functional necessity. It’s a critical design element that can have a substantial impact on overall aesthetic, style, and functionality. Flooring material and colour can set the tone of a space, whether it be modern, contemporary, art deco or even biophilic and can help to break up the visual, creating distinction between spaces.

Lady Cilento Children's Hospital

This can assist with wayfinding and accessibility within a facility, whilst promoting a sense of welcome and belonging and aid in creating less visually cluttered spaces. Colour can also be used to signify areas of calm or quiet, which in hospital & healthcare settings, aged care, and some community spaces such as libraries, galleries and museums, can enhance the overall mood and user experience. 

When selecting vinyl sheet flooring for commercial projects, there is an array of colours and patterns available on the market – from brights to neutrals, and greys and blacks. However, even with a myriad of colours to choose from, sometimes you may just have a particular tone in mind that will help tie your whole design scheme together, enhance function or be the final piece of the puzzle to create that bespoke look. 
          University of Sydney          University of Sydney  

For a customised flooring and walling solution, Infinity allows you to bring your projects to life. Using our Australian Made commercial vinyl sheet floor and wall product formulations as the base colour, Infinity Design provides the flexibility to change the chip colours to create a unique look, while Infinity Bespoke enables you to develop a completely personalised colourway so you can create a space to work within your interior design style. 

Our colour specialists can work with you to create different colours and provide pre-production lab samples as part of the serviceShould you have safety flooring requirements, we can also provide various degrees of slip resistance, so it is fit for application. Furthermore, as we manufacture locally here in Braeside VIC, we can offer shorter lead-times and smaller minimum order quantities – perfect for those projects with budget limitations or tight timelines. 

Check out some of the projects we have developed customised flooring for, including: 

  • Royal Children's Hospital - VIC 
  • University of Sydney - NSW 
  • Perth Children's Hospital - WA 
  • Flinders Medical Centre - SA 
  • Lady Cilento Children's Hospital - QLD 

Whether you are working on a hospital, school, shopping centre, community space, hotel, or an office fit-out, immerse yourself in a world of colour and start designing today.

If you want to learn more, please contact your Armstrong Flooring representative who will be happy to assist with your project, or get in touch using our contact form. 

          Perth Children's Hospital   


    Perth Children's Hospital