Keep Your Vinyl Flooring Looking New: A Step-By-Step Guide to Cleaning and Maintaining Vinyl Floors

Vinyl Flooring Maintenance &Flooring Guide

Luxury vinyl flooring compliments any style home and provides the perfect modern look that is merely effortless to clean and maintain. There are some simple tips and tricks you can do to keep your floors looking newer for longer. 

Proactive protection of your Vinyl floor

  • Wipe up spills as soon as possible.
  • Do NOT use detergents, abrasive cleaners, or “mop and shine” products. These products may leave a dull film on your floor.
  • Never use highly abrasive scrubbing tools on any resilient floor.
  • Damp mop your floor regularly with a neutral detergent such as Armstrong Flooring Once ’n’ Done floor cleaner (or similar pH 7.0-8.5 neutral cleaner).
  • Do not use highly alkaline ‘floor strippers’ to clean the floor covering. Highly alkaline solutions have the potential to damage the adhesive bonds between the planks.
  • Use floor protectors under furniture to reduce indentation. As a general rule of thumb, the heavier the item, the wider the floor protector needed.
  • Do NOT use paste wax or solvent based polishes.
  • High-traffic areas can be troublesome due to wear and tear. After a certain period, it can cause scratches and dull spots. To prevent this, scatter several rugs throughout the frequently used rooms in your home.
  • Place a walk-off mat at outside entrances to reduce the amount of dirt brought into your home. Armstrong Flooring strongly recommends the use of mats without a latex or rubber (particularly black) backing since these can cause permanent discoloration.

Vinyl Floor Regular Maintenance

  • Sweep or vacuum your new floor regularly to remove loose dirt which can scratch your floor.
  • Mopping your floor is important, but so is rinsing afterwards. Ignoring this step, even if the product you’re using suggests you don’t need to, may result in a sticky film or soap residue attached to them after washing. 
  • After mopping, fill a bucket with fresh water and use it to wipe off the surface. For a beautiful finish, you can also use a cloth or towel to dry the area.

Some Handy Tips for Stains and Spills

  • Removing stains from vinyl flooring couldn't be easier with the use of baking soda. This readily available household item is great for cutting through tougher grease and spots. For this method, combine equal amounts of water and baking soda until it forms a paste. Wipe away any liquid before applying, then use a soft cloth to rub the paste onto the stain — it should go away instantly.
  • If you have a vinyl floor and materials like makeup or ink have been spilled on it, rubbing alcohol is an effective method of removing the stain. It lifts the pigment, allowing you to easily wipe it away without causing any damage. 
  • To remove stubborn stains and marks, try a soft nylon brush and gently scrub. Alternatively, use a baking soda paste and gently massage it into the affected area. 


While Luxury Vinyl flooring is a low maintenance option for your home, it is important to care for your floors for longer lasting wear. Regular cleaning and maintenance are key to preserving the look of your vinyl flooring and preventing any possible damage from occurring over time. Caring for your floors now can save you from having to replace them down the line.

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