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New Year, New Floor: Interior Design Trends for 2024

Flooring is the foundation of any interior and can make a big difference to a space. If you are considering building, renovating or simply just want to update your flooring, then read on to see what the interior design trends are for 2024. From redefining previous trends, to completely new design schemes, there’s a style to suit just about any taste. 

Layered Texture 

Layering with texture is an absolute must and will be elevated by mixing various materials, furniture and décor items together. Nail this trend by ultilising three different textures in each space such as timber, linen and leather, to create a beautiful and timeless interior. 

Layered Texture Interior Style Room & Moodboard

Curves Ahead 

Organic arches, waves and edges are making a comeback from ceilings, walls and doorways, to furniture, rugs and décor items. This softens traditionally hard and square-set materials to create a sense of comfort yet an intriguing space. Curves should not saturate the entire design scheme, but rather used in a way that integrates seamlessly into interiors.

Curves Ahead Interior Style Room and Mood Board

Modern Redefined

This is where minimalism and natural connection styles fuse together. While neutral aesthetics, palette and materials will remain the same as they have for some time, there is now a stronger focus on functionality by incorporating more practical products to enhance the home and lifestyle. 

Modern Redefined Interior Style Room and Mood Board

European Luxe 

Turn your home into a sanctuary using elements influenced by the European culture and Mediterranean coastline. Select furniture pieces that are both functional and fabulous and add a touch of luxury throughout interiors from opulent palettes and striking marble, to coloured glass and sculptures for that holiday at home feel.  

European Luxe Interior Style Room & Moodboard

Nature’s Way 

Bring the outdoors in reflecting our scenic countryside with grounded tones and earthy elements for a laidback, calming and relaxing atmosphere. Whether it’s a paint colour or a furniture piece, think browns, rich reds, warm greens, dusty pinks, sky blues and pale yellows that are reminiscent of our beautiful landscape. 

Nature's Way Interior Style Room and Mood Board

Individual Character 

This trend allows you to take risks, experiment and have fun. Complement minimal pieces within a room by adding bolder elements that highlights your true individuality and character. This could be a whimsical piece of art, a unique vase, or an interestingly shaped pendant to be used as a focal point within a room. 

Individual Character Interior Style Room & Moodboard


Want to see what our flooring will look like in your home? Try out our Room Visualiser which allows you to upload a photo of your space, and then select your favourite flooring colour(s) so you can see what style will work best. 

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