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Revolutionising Interior Design – Explore our Room Visualiser

Technology is evolving at an alarmingly fast rate, with advancements playing an increasingly important part in interior design. Immersive technologies are changing how we design spaces and a tool that has been a game changer in this field is the Room Visualiser. Room Visualiser’s are an innovative and progressive design tool that help bring visions to life, all at your fingertips using your desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Our Room Visualiser lets designers and homeowners immerse themselves in the creative process of experimenting with our diverse flooring options, colours and patterns – making the planning process easier and more convenient than ever before.


For homeowners who are renovating or remodelling their space, instead of just relying on smaller flooring samples which do not provide the full picture, our Room Visualiser will give you a preview of how your vision will appear in real life, with your furniture and styling. For designers, our Room Visualiser is a trusted tool that can help strengthen collaborations with clients and streamline the design process of how the flooring will look, with personalised design concepts.

This clever tool allows users to effortless experiment with different flooring options in real-world spaces. All done in the comfort of your own home, you simply upload a photo of a room within your home or project, and then select the flooring swatch colour you are interested in. You can transform your space as many times as you want by simply selecting a different swatch, or uploading more photos of additional rooms.

Whether you are a designer or a homeowner, our Room Visualiser will revolutionise the way you approach interior design. Offering a convenient and efficient way to see your interior design ideas come to life, the room visualiser provides peace of mind and confidence in flooring choices. Flooring is the foundation of any design scheme and an element you want to get right.

Explore our Room Visualiser today and turn your inspirations into reality. Your dream space is just a click away!