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Hybrid Flooring Installation Made Easy with the Angle/Angle - Sidetap System

Hybrid flooring has been growing in popularity over recent years, due to its combination of luxury appearance and ability to withstand everyday scuffs, scratches and stains. However, not all hybrid flooring is created equal, with variations in locking systems playing a critical role in installation success and long-term customer satisfaction with their flooring selection. With the right locking system, hybrid flooring can be easy and reliable to install.

There are two types of locking systems:

  1. Angle/Angle - Sidetap
  2. Fold-down

We explore the differences between the two systems and explain why the Angle/Angle - Sidetap is preferred, along with how we can support you with any advice or training you need with hybrid flooring.

Most trusted locking system

Approximately 80% of installation issues with hybrid flooring are a result of the end ‘click’. Unlike the fold-down click system that requires force for installation, usually from a mallet, to secure the ‘click’, the Angle/Angle - Sidetap locking system can be installed without impact-force. The very small tolerances of locking systems makes Angle/Angle - Sidetap locking systems safer and more forgiving, and is the reason why Armstrong Flooring only use this locking system across our hybrid flooring ranges.

Fold-down click locking systems are also masters of concealing broken locks, making it near impossible for installers to know something is wrong at the time of installation, resulting in problems only arising months after installation. This then often leads to costly and frustrating situations and dissatisfied customers. With Angle/Angle - Sidetap clicks, it is almost impossible not to notice if something is not quite right, meaning you can address it during the installation process.

Hybrid Flooring Angle Angle Sidetap Click Close Up

Benefits of Angle/Angle - Sidetap

  1. Less susceptible to damage
  2. Impact-force not required
  3. Minor damage will not lead to catastrophic installation faults
  4. ‘Stronger’ locking tensile strength, yet the ‘looser’ lock allows for more tolerance with movement
  5. Trusted and well-known click system that has been used for more than 20 years

Packaging to make life easier

We have upgraded our packaging from white coated boxes to brown boxes.  Due to the glossiness of white boxes, they often slide around when transported which can causing damage to the flooring product, which is why we upgraded our packaging to brown boxes to prevent this. Furthermore, we have removed printed installation instructions often found in the boxes to avoid possible imprint transfer onto the planks or tiles and replaced with a QR code on the outside of the box for added convenience.

Features and benefits of hybrid

Durable and easy to clean

    High density layer creates a durable dent resistant surface and cleaning is made easy following some simple tips

    Family and pet friendly

      Resistant to scratches and stains means Hybrid flooring is suitable for everyday living.

      Comfort underfoot

        Interfaced backing offers added comfort, while also being warmer underfoot making it suitable not just for living areas but bedrooms too.

        Affordable luxury

          Compared to real timber, stone or marble, Hybrid flooring is an affordable alternative that delivers both style and functionality.


            Provides a realistic and authentic timber look so you don’t have to compromise on design.


              For peace of mind, we offer a 15-year residential and 3-year commercial warranty on our Kingswood 1.2 range, and a 25-year residential and 15-year commercial warranty on our Kingswood 1.5, Kingswood Australis and Kingswood Select Oak collections.

              Before and after care support

              Armstrong Flooring have a technical team available to assist with any queries you have regarding our hybrid flooring collections or if you need advice with installation. We can talk you through it or even come out to site, or if you and your team need further training on the product construction, benefits, or best practice installation methods, we are happy to provide this service. Additionally, if something has gone wrong and you need a few boxes of planks or tiles to complete a job, please let us know as we are willing to accommodate your request. You are backed by a large flooring supplier with many years of experience and expertise, providing you with the confidence to sell and install hybrid flooring.